I really enjoyed the 7 day e-course and Mp3. These tips were extremely helpful and I was able to make some real changes after working with it. I look forward to reading your newsletters every week. Thank you.
*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

Ralph Samson | Seattle, WA

I've read a lot of books on the subconscious mind. I know the subconscious is very powerful but I just didn't know how to work with the subconscious until I listened to your program and read your newsletters. Thanks for making this available - it's terrific.
*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

Indira Khan | Manchester, UK

I enjoyed your e-mails a great deal as well as your audio program. I've shared them with friends and family and some colleagues at work. The newsletters are very positive and uplifting. You're really making a difference.
*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

Deborah Klein | Melbourne, Australia

I really want to thank you for putting this email course and program together and for making it available to the world. They have been very helpful to me during a difficult time. I especially enjoy the newsletters and I work with your program everyday - it's terrific.
*Disclaimer: Results May Vary

Philip Ngome | South Africa